Time in a RedCoat

This installation was made in response to Patricia Brien’s callout for Material Flow in The Museum in the Park, Stroud for Wool and Water which celebrates, or comments on, Stroud’s historic textile industry.
Patricia writes: Stroud has for centuries been an industrial hub where materials are drawn to, transformed and then sent on another journey. Time in a Redcoat draws attention to the role Stroud played in supplying the fabric for the scarlet redcoats of Britain’s military. As artists we were asked to respond in our own way to one or more selected archival materials from the museum relating to the historically produced cloth: water, landscape and colours, prize sheep, the scarlet cloth of the Redcoats, the colonial project and trade, and industrial histories.
I have incorporated film of Jane Ford winding her embroidered bandages into my film Time in a Redcoat. We installed the bandages hanging full length in the gallery with my film projected through them. The embroidery denotes the wars and the dates of the wars where Redcoats were worn.