It’s People and It’s Plants

Filmed on body cameras by the students whilst working in the nursery at Furzey Gardens, 2022.

I was commissioned by Furzey Gardens and Arts&Heritage as part of their Meeting Point programme to create an artwork, collaboratively with the community, to reveal the history and ecology of the garden and to celebrate the work of the 40 people with learning disabilities that it supports.
Deb (head of the nursery) said, ‘I think it’s because we care. It’s all about caring.’
Pete (head gardener) said, ‘It’s working together as a family of people who have ambitions for all of the family to survive, to prosper, and achieve.’
I was welcomed so warmly, and given a small role to play within that family for six months and I’ve loved every minute.
I created an installation of films, cyanotypes, mixed media, and texts in the 16th century cottage and a sound installation in the garden.

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