30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone)

with Em Cooper hand painted animation.
A Real World Film for Pathways for Womens Empowerment and Screen South.

Anna Cady directs this visually breathtaking film, at once a documentary and a moving oil painting. The piece follows three women fighting for fair representation in the heavily corrupted Sierra Leone. Between Cooper’s honey smooth animation and Cady’s documentary subjects’ drop dead outfits, you probably won’t want to blink much during this one’ Huffington post
‘probably the most creatively produced film of the (Sundance) festival this year.
’ Blouin Artinfo International

The story of the ten year battle to achieve fair representation for women in the governance of Sierra Leone is revealed to us with passion by three extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds. Bernadette Lahai, Salamatu Kamara and Barbara Bangura share stories of the ‘road blocks’ women face within the world of politics in Sierra Leone.