Installation: 16 films  2013

Artist in Residence at Mottisfont.  One of the most visited of National Trust properties with over 250,000 visitors last year.

Funded by Arts Co, A Place for Art is a two year project, which will enable Mottisfont to host six artist  residencies. I was the first artist and the exhibition will be open till November 2013

A co-creative project with the staff and volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the winter to maintain and conserve the house and gardens.


open daily till Sept


Mottisfont, Romsey SO51 0LP


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“I look down and see my hands - making breakfast, opening the door, putting on a child's shoes, editing films, making cups of tea, and writing writing....  I see my world through my hands. 

These films invite you to see Mottisfont from a different point of view: through the creative hands of those who care for it.

Filmed by the staff and volunteers via a tiny camera strapped to their bodies, they reveal the story of Mottisfont as they work to maintain it: Forever For Everyone.”  (the motto of the National Trust)


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