Films / elements

Music / text

National and international artists have created interpretations of the films in text,  music and sounds.

Performance / Discussion On Sunday 27 Oct 2-4.30 There will be live interpretations of the films by dancers Suna Imre, Gabriel Galvez / poetry / music / drawing by Melanie Rose followed by a discussion - we would like the audience to join us in asking questions about what it means to interpret, respond, translate or reflect - and listen?

Elemental Dialogues




Anna Cady / Suna Imre

Anna Cady / Saira Ahmed

Anna Cady / Translation Games


Mark Rutter

Hilary Hares

Hugh Greasley

Sue Burkett

Joan McGavin

Zoe Mitchell

Deborah Alma

Claire Hillier

Colleen Becker

Zoe Brigley


Steve Kemper

Abby Wollston

Steve Bayley

Anna Bertmark

Tricia Mann

Stephen Solloway

Joss Albert

Lead Artists

Anna Cady

Brian Evans-Jones

Suna Imre

Saira Ahmed

Melanie Rose

Gabriel Galvez

Translation Games

Directed and curated by Anna Cady with poet Brian Evans-Jones for 10 days. An Exhibition and Online pages will explore what happens when one artist is asked  to interpret the work of another in film, music, sound, poetry, dance or drawing.

A new website reveals the interpretations.

 ☚ Anna Cady